• Melanie MacDonald


The room was dark and decrepit, you could smell the mold coming from around the room. Some of the wood panels in the floor were missing and one wrong step you'd be in serious trouble as you fell to a dark doom. The moonlight shone through the depilated roof on a figure that was tied to a chair in the middle of the room. The chair was the only thing about the place that wasn't falling apart. The figure was tied up with rope. The rope was brown, a hemp style where if the figure was going to try to escape they wouldn't leave without losing some blood off their hands. In fact, his wrists were red and sore from where the rough material was digging in. The figure had sandy blonde hair and green eyes which were filled with tears.

The figure whimpered as he realized all hope was lost and that he would probably never escape the fate that he was heading towards. He was trapped inside this rundown old building where he would most likely die at the hands of a psychopath. He heard the creaking of an old door opening and then the softest footsteps descending down the stairs. His heartbeat became erratic as he felt the figure coming closer to him. He knew that the Kingpin was relishing in the distress that his presence brought. The fact that Gavin was nothing more to him than a caged animal waiting to be put out of its misery. The Kingpin walked over to him and put his hand under Gavin's chin lifting his gaze up to meet his. He stared into the icy cold blue of the Kingpin’s eyes which he knew held no humanity within them.

"So so so Gavin, It's just you and me now buddy." The cruel villian said with a smirk on his face.

Gavin let out a small whimper. "Please just let me go. I won't tell anyone."

The kingpin barked out a mechanical deranged laugh. Gavin could smell his breath, it smelled like peppermint. Gavin found irony in this. Peppermint to him always brought comforting thoughts of Christmas and spending time with his family in snowy London surrounded by fire. A cup of hot chocolate in his hand as he stared at the Christmas tree with it’s sparkling lights. The thought was comforting but the reality of the situation he was in soon fought back the comforting thoughts and he was again faced with a harsh reality. The man stroked Gavin's face with his thumb and Gavin wanted nothing more than to be able to pull his face away.

"You're not going anywhere lovely little Gavin. You're trapped here with me." He said before running a blade down Gavin's cheek.

He knew there was no stopping the Kingpin. He shouldn’t have upset him, he thought he was smarter that he could get away with stealing the money behind his back. The kingpin was more like a ravenous animal than a human. He would always be searching for his next prey and today it was Gavin. The kingpin took immense pleasure in torturing his captures. He didn’t care if you had once worked for him and was a trusted confidant once you lost that trust. He loved the look on their face when they realized they were trapped. Their big doe eyes as they pleaded with him to let him free. His little shack was so dilapidated that no one would bother looking in it for fear of getting hurt. It was a condemned building that had old fading tape that said KEEP OUT. The police just considered them another missing person who they would put no effort into actually finding. Gavin looked down at the blade.There had been rumors that the blade was made from the skeleton bone of one of the Kingpin’s first victims.

He enjoyed this next part more than anything. He ran the blade down Gavin's cheek making a small cut. The dark brown blood ran down Gavin's face, shining on his porcelain skin. Gavin could taste the metallic taste of the blood as it dripped off his cheek and into his mouth. Gavin felt like he was choking on his own breath. He felt that the air in the room was slowly seeping out. He wanted nothing more than this to be all some kind of sick dream based on one of those horror movies Geoff always told him not to watch because he'd get nightmares. This wasn't a nightmare though. This was Gavin facing his dark reality as his path crossed with a psychopath's. It was all his fault. The kingpin had approached Gavin one day at his local coffee shop.

“You’re Gavin, right?”

Gavin nodded. “Yeah, what do you need?”

The kingpin smirked at him. “I need your help. You’re an IT major, right?”

Gavin sighed. Of course, his professor probably wanted him to tutor this poor soul. “Yeah.”

The man slid a manila folder across the table. “This is your work?”

Gavin opened the folder. It was a history of all the servers that he had wound up hacking. “H-how did you find this?” He said, stumbling over his words.

The kingpin smiled. “A good sleuth never reveals their sources.”

Gavin looked up at him with that doe eyed look that the Kingpin loved to see from all of his victims. He wished he hadn’t gone against him. He needed the money. His family was not the best off and since his sister had been in the accident, they needed it especially. He thought he could get away with it.

The kingpin wanted to rob a bank. There was never going to be a better opportunity for Gavin to essentially stumble into a large sum of money. He wanted Gavin to remotely hack the security cameras so they could get in and out. Replace the footage with previous footage essentially putting it on a loop. It’s something that Gavin could do in his sleep.

The kingpin had a whole group of people he had acquired to help him pull off this simple task. It’s not like he even had to lift his pinky. Gavin wouldn’t have expected all of these people were dedicated to a life of crime. They just looked like average humans. Then again Gavin probably looks like an average human as well.

He wound up knowing one of the dudes that the Kingpin had recruited. He was in one of Gavin’s film classes when he thought he wanted to be an English major. His name was Trevor. He was normally a quiet kid. He knew about Gavin’s family and what was going on. Gavin approached him one day.

“You on the current mission?”

Trevor gave him a weird look. “The bank?”

Gavin nodded. He felt like everyone was staring at them.

“Yeah? Why?” Trevor said.

Gavin sighed. It was now or never. “We’re never gonna get our hands on this kind of money again. We should take it.” Gavin blurted out.

Trevor stared at him for a moment before bursting into laughter.

Gavin just stared at him. Trevor eventually realized Gavin wasn’t laughing and stopped.

“Oh? You’re serious.”

“Yeah. We can take the money and half it. We both need it.”

Trevor pondered it for a second. He had a heart of gold. Was always volunteering in various charities and just loved helping people. He nodded.

They had to have gotten caught somehow. They thought they were so careful. Trevor had been in charge of the money and handling it from the bank back to the safehouse. Once back at the safehouse, they had planned to replace it with counterfeit money. Someone must have seen them.

Who was Gavin trying to fool? Of course, someone saw them. The Kingpin had eyes and people everywhere. Why did they ever think they could get away with this? Well, he hadn’t seen Trevor yet so maybe he managed to escape the watchful eyes of the Kingpin’s minions. Gavin was snapped back to reality as the Kingpin’s fist collided with his face.

He spit out blood after recoiling from the hit. Gavin came to the dark conclusion as he sat tied up in that chair.

"I'm trapped." He whispered to himself. He heard the Kingpin’s maniacal laugh as the torture had only just begun.

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