• Melanie MacDonald


His soul swooned slowly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling like the descent of their last end upon all the living and the dead. He couldn't be hurt again. Too often it happened in cycles. Their eyes meet and a flame ignites. Though their relationship which started with roses blooming and sun shining turns into a volcano threatening to spill over. Then the heartbreak arrives. It's ushered in with a downpour. The thunder of regret flashes in his mind. Lastly, acceptance arrives. A new beginning. Once again, the snow falls down and the ivory washes away all the filth and black and the bad. The sun shines and we start again.

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Fractured Mosaic

I'm a fractured mosaic of pieces. As if someone took their fist to a mirror and shattered it. The glass cracking as they stare into their reflection. I'm the broken pieces of glass. The blood dripping