• Melanie MacDonald


You're right. I never thought you'd be the one to point out all my flaws or to break down my walls but you're right. I do the dumbest shit sometimes. I'm careless about things that should matter the most to me but the miniscule things I'll ride or die for. I think we both know that sometimes I'm blissfully unaware of the things I do until it's too late and I'm staring at it from across a burned bridge. I turn to other things to hide the pain that I feel deep inside of me when there's only one place I should be turning. I scream that I just wanna fix everything but how can you fix something that's shattered into a million pieces? That doesn't take a day or week it takes months. Months of picking up the pieces as if they're a puzzle and slowly but surely trying to map them back together. Things that can't be fixed with a simple, "I'm sorry." I know I've made mistakes and right now I have to pay that price and it's not going to be easy. I need to focus on me and repairing me so thank you for always being right.

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