• Melanie MacDonald


Do you remember when I called you on my way home from school? The time difference where if you were having a bad night I'd stay up till 3 am comforting you when I had to wake up at 5 am for rehearsal? The playlist of music we shared which to this day I still can't listen to some of the songs even by my favorite band. I wonder if you ever think about me. I know you do since you still tweet about me. Is it enough for you? Making me out to be the villain in your story. We both know what you did was ten times worst my darling. Guess what? I'm happier than you ever made me and I'm taking back the pieces that you stole. Every cell in my body is brand new and there's a person standing in my place that you never got to touch or love or know.

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Fractured Mosaic

I'm a fractured mosaic of pieces. As if someone took their fist to a mirror and shattered it. The glass cracking as they stare into their reflection. I'm the broken pieces of glass. The blood dripping