• Melanie MacDonald

I'm The Girl

Somedays I feel like I'm a fountain. I pour so much into other people. I wanna fill them with life and love and passion. I never realize that pouring so much into other people leaves me empty. I'm the over commit girl. I'm the get too attached girl. I'm the girl who'd kill herself to get you to smile girl. Help me please. I'm running low. When will someone give me the same passion and intensity back? I'm the look at the sky girl. The girl who feels more at home imagining a life on the moon. Her partner in crime who she confesses all her deepest darkest secrets. I talk to the moon about you. Do you tell her about me? I'm the girl who finds peace when the sky turns to pinks and purples and different hues of orange. I imagine someone has taken a paint brush to the sky to create a picture just for me. I spend hours trying to breathe meaning into this picture. I'm the girl who sometimes feels like she's screaming into the void.

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