• Melanie MacDonald

Goodbye you.

You've become someone I don't even know which sucks cause I knew you really fucking well. I know the things you hide from others. I hate the person you've become. I miss the guy who'd buy Pokémon cards with me. I'm going to hold onto the good memories. Our movie nights. We watched so many good movies. Wearing our matching bear pants to go on a 7/11 run at 3 am. Me winding up staying the night cause fuck we were so lost in our time together we didn't realize it was 3 am and I'd surely wake everyone up if I went home. Play wrestling you when I wanted something probably attention and that time you were a little too rough and accidentally slammed my head into the wall and I almost knocked over the bottle of ever clear on your desk. I'm gonna miss sitting on your bed and you going, "Mel, wait!" And leaving to only return with a bottle of apple juice you stocked up cause you knew it was my favorite and I was over so much why should I have to drink soda when I can have my favorite drink. I'm gonna miss the overprotective guy. The one who didn't let me drive home drunk or at least made sure I got home safe. The guy who showed up at my door because I wasn't answering my phone even though that was the beginning of the end. I'll remember getting drunk with you and your best friend who is now my best friend in a bar downtown. I'll remember all the dumb inside jokes we had. I need to let you go. You're no longer a part of my life and honestly I'm realizing that's best for both of us. I'll always love you and cherish the good times but this is a goodbye. Goodbye to the man I knew. Goodbye. Love Mel.

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