• Melanie MacDonald


Essential? What the hell does that word even mean anymore? I’m exhausted. I know I should be grateful because I’m one of the lucky few that still gets to work but at what cost? I never get to see my family anymore. I’ve been exposed to the outside world so I’m sleeping by myself with limited contact. People need human interaction to survive. I interact with people everyday but it’s not the same. Glass barriers and masks make it hard to truly connect. I’m sick of staring at a screen. I want to hug my friends when I see them but I can’t. I’m exhausted. My feet hurt and each day I’m growing wearier. Everyone tells me to suck it up or others have it worse. Suddenly my problems are less valid. I have to worry every single day if I might get this horrible virus and pass it on to my sister who has asthma. She wouldn’t be able to recover like I can. Some people are just the rudest as well. I’m out here everyday working so that you can still acquire the things you need. I’m exhausted. I’m essential. Please be nice.

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