• Melanie MacDonald


(I've been sitting on this one for a long time. Enjoy)

I've always liked the different seasons. Each season brings something new. Usually related to the cycle of life. Spring is birth and blossoming while winter is death and coldness. Then there's summer and fall which are the weird months. They don't really have a meaning behind them and often feel sandwiched in between this period of birth and death. Truth is, we're almost always living in summer and fall. We're always changing, growing, evolving. The leaves change colors in the fall just like a person can change who they are ever single day. There's the saying that we never truly know someone and it's true. They can start out as a beautiful green leaf when you meet them after a period of birth and growing but the trials and tribulations come and slowly the green fades into red or orange. Now the person is tainted whether from their own insecurities or the general shit that life brings. Eventually the cold comes and the beautiful green leaf or the person you thought you knew died and you mourn their loss as the frigid cold freezes your tears and numbs you but spring will come again. The green leaf will bloom again.

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