• Melanie MacDonald


Perhaps she's complicated more than she realizes herself. Stitched together as pieces of her favorite quotes and lyrics that mean the world to her but seem meaningless to anyone else. Her facial expressions will tell an entire story and not always one she means to convey when she wants to keep things hidden. She can be sparkly and shine like the moon in a dark sky when she wants to be but if she's in a bad mood watch out because she'll become a lightning storm. It's not intentional. It's just her personality and it can switch on a dime. If you fight for her, she will go down swinging. She has a big heart but it's delicate. She'll only let certain people in now and even then she has a hard time opening up and will fight someone to tooth and nail when they just wanna help. You can tell her "hey it's okay tell me what's wrong?" twenty times until she finally gives in and starts to open up. It's not meant to be annoying or frustrating. It's just the walls that have been built up from people pretending to give a fuck until they just walk away or people who were there for their own personal gain. She loves so deeply. Her heart is delicate. Don't break her like a glass ornament that is accidentally dropped. She's complicated but the complications make her into a mosaic of beautiful wholesome her.

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