• Melanie MacDonald

Some of my favorite quotes from my favorite book series.

These quotes are all from the three volumes of The Heart Rate of a Mouse.

"Not many men are good men. He is. Regardless of whatever messes he and I have dragged each other into, he is a good human being who wishes good on people, and something sweets up in me at that moment. Something like pride and something like-like love, and I know it's love even if I know that I can't not anymore, but the feeling is there. Deep within, radiating. Like at that second I fall in love all over again."

"I lose people. I swear somewhere out there is a lost and found full of people I've lost."

"Now I realize that 'secret' is just a word given for uncomfortable truths we don't want to share in fear of what they say about us."

"You don't want to fucking feel. You fucking selfish prick. What about me? Huh? What about how I'll feel on the day we find you dead on a hotel bed, having overdosed on your innocent pills and a bottle of whisky? You don't- You don't stop to think Ryan! It's always about you and you don't understand how this shit affects me and I can't spend my days terrified that you'll do something stupid because you would!"

"The little you know about the people you think you know."

And lastly my favorite,

"I want you. I want all of you. Your kisses and your smiles and your fucked up thoughts and the messes you make and the lies you tell. I want that fucking look on your face right now, the one of you trying to look for a quick escape, that fucking look I hate. I want it too. All of it."

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