• Melanie MacDonald


Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault

I’m scared. So scared. That’s the only emotion I can register other than numbness. He’s often hungry and I never know when. I wish there was a way to keep track of the time. To somehow prepare myself but I know I’ll never be ready. He loves to devour me. He forces me to pick a flower until I get dizzy and distracted. Till I’m a prisoner within my own skin. Do you know what it's like to feel your whole body scream STOP but nothing comes out? I feel like I’m trapped. As if branches are wrapping around my body and forcing me down. I become less. Just a toy for him to take out of the box and play with. He tells me I have to be a good compliant little girl because the wolf is about to come out. The wolf is hungry. He’s always hungry. He’ll be after you soon too but I feel he favors me. I’m his prized possession. He calls me Red which is his twisted nickname for the crimson cloak on my back once he’s done with me. He lures us all in with promises of a better life. What did he promise you? He promised me that he’d help me smuggle some drugs so that my Grandmother could get better. It was all a lie. I never thought it would turn out this way. He enjoys the chase. He’s a predator by nature and I’m just a naive little piece of prey. So he’ll keep us all distracted because the big bad wolf always wins, right?

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